Tuesday, June 16, 2015

 Eating spaghetti at school and clearly enjoying it
 Cat in the Hat day at school
 Hanging out with Bella watching the iPad
 Baby Cooksey #2 coming in late August/early September!

 Helping Dada make guacamole
 Breathing treatments were pretty frequent this winter...either allergies or respiratory infections

 Easter Egg hunts at school and in Highland Village

 Finally realizing that the truck he got for Christmas is fun!

 Allergy testing for the little guy...all came out negative although we know he is allergic to something.  He was amazing during the testing!
 Nathan and I went to Hyatt Lost Pines for a few days in May as a short getaway while my mom kept Cameron at our house


I have been awful at posting to the blog...time just gets away from me.    A lot has happened since my last post so I will try to write it all down as much as I can.   First and most exciting is that we found out in January that we are going to have another baby in late August/early September.   The actual due date is September 3 but since I have to have a C-section, it will be scheduled a week before so should be the end of August.  We found out that it is another boy, which is pretty much what we expected.  For some reason, I have always had the feeling that I would be a mom of two boys.   :)   Cameron is going to be an awesome big brother!

As for updates on Cameron, he is doing great.   He is a chatterbox at home but I think he is a little reserved outside of home....which is how Nathan and I are as well.   His vocabulary improves more and more and he is super observant of everything--just like his mom.   He also remembers just about anything you tell him....so if you are going to bribe him with a treat to take a nap, you had better be prepared to give him that treat when he wakes up because he will remember!    As for his food, he is still picky when it comes to vegetables and has become much more vocal about what he wants and doesn't want.   Right now, he loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and hummus with crackers....I swear he eats both of those meals a few times a week.   He still loves chicken nuggets and french fries (who doesn't?) and just about any kind of chip.   He seems to have his dad's love of bread and chips and my love of sweets--which is not a good thing.  

He was moved to the Early Preschool 2 class around March and had a little tough time transitioning for a couple of months.   That class is a little more chaotic and the kids are rougher.   We had a discussion with the school director and things seem to be getting much better...and are more organized overall.   The class is helping him with potty training and we are going to be doing the 3 day method over July 4th weekend.   My goal is to get him fully potty trained before the baby arrives so I don't have two in diapers!   

Another exciting thing that has happened is that Nathan's parents officially moved back to Texas in March!   We are so happy that Cameron will grow up with them close by and we can see them more often.   We loved where they lived but it was just too far away...and it was only going to get harder for us to make the trip there each year.   I grew up with my grandparents close by and as a result, I was super close to them.   I could not be happier that our kids will be able to have close relationships with their grandparents too. 

Sunday, January 04, 2015

 opening some Christmas presents with Mimi and Granddad
 playing with the tool set he got from Vivi and Poppy

 Bubble Guppies birthday cake made by our neighbor Becky

 Flower Mound pumpkin patch
 Charlie Brown Halloween costume

 Haunted Trails event in our neighborhood
 eating pizza at Grimaldi's after the Haunted Trails
 playing with Duke at Mimi and Granddad's house
 having dinner with his cousins

 Father and son matching

 sick at home with RSV

 at the Shops of Highland Village
 hanging out in his Elf pajamas

 cuddling with Poppy over Christmas break
 Meeting Santa at school...he loved it.  :)
 Looking at the Christmas decorations at the Gaylord Texan
My favorite family picture this year...and the one we used for our Christmas card.


I have been really bad about blogging the past few months and my goal in 2015 is to blog at least once every two months...especially since I am using this as a baby book of sorts for our family.    

In October, we had Cameron's second birthday which consisted of my parents, Nathan's parents and sister's family, and a few close friends..the Zipsers and the Lewis's.   We pretty much wanted to do the same thing as last year so Nathan smoked a brisket and some ribs, I made some side dishes, and my neighbor made his birthday cake.  We all had fun and loved that we kept it low key.   I'm not sure Cameron understood what the party was all about but he did enjoy singing "Happy Birthday"!   We had a theme of Bubble Guppies since that has been his favorite TV show on Nick Jr for some time.   Towards the end of the month, we went to the Haunted Trails event that our neighborhood puts on each year and the Zipsers joined us.   It's perfect for the little kids because they get candy without having to walk too far...plus, you get to dress them up in costume!   Cameron was Charlie Brown this year...I wanted to dress him in something comfortable and I knew he wouldn't wear anything on his head.  He didn't really know what Charlie Brown was until we recorded "The Great Pumpkin" in October and then he watched it obsessively all month!   We took him around our neighborhood for a little while on Halloween but he didn't last too long.   I'm hoping he'll be more into next year.   He liked the idea of candy but didn't understand that to get more candy, you have to go to more houses.  :)

In November, I went to my parents' lake house for a day and night with Sarah and Catherine as a short getaway and on the morning I was due to come home, Nathan called me to tell me Cameron was diagnosed with RSV for a second time.  Ugh.   That meant breathing treatments for a week and no school for a week.   We had to take turns on who stayed home from work and also had to call my mom to come watch him the one day that neither of us could take off.   I'm so thankful that we both have flexible jobs...mine more so than Nathan's but still.   I'm also thankful that my mom is nice enough to come help us out when we need her!   For Thanksgiving, we went to Steve and Luan's lake house in Conroe and they parked their RV in the driveway for Nathan, Cameron and me to sleep in--which was nice because it was private!   Nathan caught a bad cold/sinus infection and didn't feel well the whole time unfortunately.   But overall, we had a good trip and Cameron had a lot of fun being around everyone especially Peyton.   

In early December, my sister babysat for us so we could go to dinner and a movie for our 4th anniversary.   We went to eat sushi and saw "Interstellar" which was a great movie!   We tried to make the most of the holiday month since Christmas is our favorite time of the year.   My parents came up one weekend in December and we went to eat at the Shops of Highland Village...and we enjoyed driving around looking at Christmas lights.  Nathan's parents got into town in mid-December and we tried to see them every weekend since it's a little tough to do much during the work week.   Nathan and I both have jobs that shut down from Christmas Eve to New Year's...and we each took a couple of days extra off so we had about two weeks off total.    Tomorrow will be the first day back at work and we are not looking forward to it!    My parents were supposed to be here for Christmas Eve but my mom got sick and they couldn't come.   We ended up having Nathan's parents over and then we went to Celeste' house on Christmas Day.   We made our homemade cinnamon rolls per tradition and really had fun with Cameron this year for Christmas.   He loved opening presents and playing with the toys.    I think next year will be even better when he starts to understand Santa Claus.  

We are looking forward to an awesome 2015 and look forward to seeing how much more Cameron is going to grow.   He speaks in full sentences now and is very chatty at home.   He can be a little shy when he sees someone at first but then warms up quickly.   As every two year old does, he can throw a good fit but overall he is such a good kid.   He still goes to bed at 7:30ish and wakes up about 7:30 although we don't get him out of bed until about 8AM.   He is still in his crib but I know we will have to transition in the spring...we see no reason to rush it since he isn't trying to climb out.   He isn't interested in being potty trained yet but we talk about it a lot.   :)  He is still very picky with veggies but we put spinach in his smoothies each morning so at least he gets that.   His favorite food is Chick Fil A nuggets and fries...and he appears to have a sweet tooth like his mom.