Saturday, July 19, 2014

 We took Cameron to the splash pad at the Shops at Highland Village...he loved it!
 Grandad, Mimi and Cameron looking at the iPad in South Carolina
 Sitting in Grandad's rocking chair in his study
 Walking back from the beach with Mama and Mimi
 Sitting on Mimi and Grandad's back porch
 Donuts with Dad at school

 All ready to go to work and school
 Driving the new boat with Meg Meg
 On the lake with Poppy
 Running around at the lake house with Bella (or Be Be as he says it)
 Eating at the lake house
 Family hammock time at the lake house
 Watching "Daniel Tiger" with Meg Meg
 Trying on Dada's shoes
 Absolutely loves ice cream like his Mama
 Learning to drink water from a cup after brushing his teeth
 In the bubble bath with Mama

With my sorority and pledge sisters at Bennett's Bash in honor of Bennett Coleman, my pledge sister's 21 month old son who died of cancer at St. Jude.

20 and 21 MONTHS

I know that every time I post I say that he is more and more fun but I can't help's so true!   He is a chatterbox these days and for the most part, we can understand what he is saying.   He's getting much better at saying small sentences...two or three words.   90% of the time, he is happy, affectionate and a great sleeper which is more than we could ever hope or ask for.   There is the 10% of the time when he is fussy, frustrating, or a handful (or all three at the same time), but that's to be expected with a toddler.   I'd say the 10% usually happens when he is over tired or really hungry....there are times when he just gets really mad if he doesn't get what he wants when he wants it though for sure.   During those times, I just ask the Lord for patience and strength.  :)   

We've been taking him to swim lessons since the end of March and I think he is getting a little tired of it.   He loves to swim but he is not a big fan of having to follow a certain routine.   For the past couple of sessions, he has started getting fussy about halfway through the lesson so we're going to try it one more time and if it goes the same way, we're dropping out with 4 lessons left to go.   We'll just focus on the technique in our own pool and then enroll him for swim lessons again next year in the spring only.   With us having a pool, we don't want to take any chances.

He is a great eater when it comes to foods that he likes but he is in a "I hate all vegetables" stage that is one of the most frustrating things for me.   I've tried disguising veggies in pasta, mac and cheese and mashed potatoes with no luck.   The only way we get veggies in him is spinach in a smoothie or with the toddler pouches that we get at the store.   He'll eat any kind of fruit....he doesn't seem too crazy about watermelon but he'll eat it.   His favorite foods are probably mac and cheese, hummus, avocado, sweet potato (if I put a marshmallow and a little brown sugar and cinnamon on it), and fruit.  He likes pasta too but lately he's refused to eat has to be rotini or elbow macaroni.  Ridiculous, I know.  What kid doesn't like spaghetti?!

He has transitioned to the next class at his school...a few months early due to his other class getting more younger kids transitioning from the infant class.   He has been a little hesitant but I think he'll get used to it.   We were a little sad because we loved his Young Toddler teachers....haven't made a decision on the Early Preschool teachers just yet.  

He would spend all day outside on the playground if we would let him....he LOVES slides and swings.   He loves to run around and play with any kind of ball.   He also loves when we push him in his Cozy Coupe on the driveway...again, he would do it all day if we could.  He has recently become very interested in trains and the small one we have in the playroom is a big hit.   He knows almost every sound that an animal makes and can recite them for you.   He is still obsessed with Bubble Guppies and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

We went to visit Nathan's parents in South Carolina the first week of June and while we had a good visit, Nathan and I both agreed it is NOT fun to fly on a plane with an almost 2 year old.   When we told other people about our experience, they all said that the age of 18 months to about 3.5 or 4 is the worst time to fly with, lesson learned.    Lesson learned.   Once we get more pics from Nathan's dad from the trip, I will post more....

Thursday, May 29, 2014

 Waiting for food at Aunt Celeste's on Easter
 Our re-done shower thanks to a leaking shower pan....nice but not what we wanted to do with our money at the moment
 Playing with the kids of Nathan's Southlake HS friends
 Sweet boy on the way to daycare
 Outside Louisiana Lagniappe in Destin
 With the Zipsers in Destin

 Looking for birds
 Feeding Bella
 Looking for birds again :)

 About to go swimming in our pool for the first time this season

 Taking Bella for a walk
 Storytime before work and daycare
Sliding on the of his favorite things to do


Well, I have to combine two months into one post but it all runs together anyway.   Again, I can't even begin to say how much fun he is right now.   He is in between a little boy and a baby...I'm trying to savor the moments when he lets me still hold him and cuddle him like a baby but I also like how much more fun he is as a little boy.   

At his 18 month appointment, he weighed 26 lbs and 8 oz (80th percentile) but now that he just turned 20 months, he's almost 28 lbs according to our scale...I think the doctor scale was a few ounces off since he wouldn't stand still quite long enough to get an accurate reading.   His height was 34 inches, which is in the 90th percentile.   He's a thick big boy...or a "tank" as we refer to him.   He has the cutest little belly...oh how it would be nice to have cute bellies as an adult right?   

He is continuing to be a hard person to feed vegetables...right now, I have to buy the toddler pouches like Happy Tot, Plum or Gerber Organics to get most veggies in him.   He'll eat green beans the most and the occasional carrot but he won't eat anything else at home.   Daycare tells me he'll eat most of the veggies they serve there but I think it's because he sees the other kids eating them.   He eats pretty much any fruit you put in front of him.   He's become pickier with pasta for some's a texture thing apparently.   He'll eat rotini and mac and cheese but not the bowtie pasta or penne.

He's talking a lot more and has started saying 2-3 word sentences.   His favorite word is probably "no" and he'll point at you with his finger.   He loves mama and asks for me mostly....but on weekends, he's all about dada.    He adores Bella (Be-Be as he calls her) and especially loves holding on to her leash when we go on walks.   We bought a bird feeder to put on our deck because he loves watching the birds outside...and with the bird feeder, we see a lot more of them!   He also loves to slide....we ended up buying a plastic Little Tikes slide from Walmart to keep in his playroom and it's been a great purchase!

He started swim lessons at the end of March and he LOVES them.  Nathan gets in the water with him but I think he's getting close to moving to the level where Nathan doesn't have to get in.   We got into our pool for the first time over Memorial Day weekend and he had a lot of fun jumping from the stop into the water.   He did however have a major breakdown when we tried to put a floatie lifejacket on him...he hated it.   So we'll avoid that for now since he can't wear it much anyway.   

Nathan and I went to Destin, FL the first week of May for 4 nights with the Zipsers just to get away for some adult time.   My mom and sister stayed at our house to watch Cameron for us...and since his Vivi gives him whatever he wants when he wants it, he was in heaven.   My mom said he asked for me the first night but after that, he was fine.   We enjoyed being able to go out to dinner, sleep in (although "sleeping in" now just means staying in bed until about 7 or 7:30), and read a book on the beach.   It rained most of the time we were there and was a little chilly but it didn't bother us too much.   

We're off to South Carolina next week to visit Nathan's parents and we are dreading the plane ride.    Stay tuned for details!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

 Sleepy boy
 Cameron's "Young Toddler" class at daycare...isn't he so cute in the yellow?
 All dressed up for school.  Yes, he has a huge bump on his forehead from where he fell on the toy chest at school.
 Getting ready for swim lessons
 Ready for picture day at school
 Wearing his school Easter bonnet
At the Highland Village Easter Egg Hunt


I think this might be my favorite age so far.   Yes, he's always been cute and we've enjoyed him for sure but this is the age where he can talk more, play more, and just enjoy everything more.   He is a little chatterbox at home...he gets a little quieter around other people.   He is a ball of energy from about 15 minutes after he wakes up until naptime...and then it starts all over again until bedtime.   Since he's had the tubes put in a month ago, we really feel like he's been much happier....I guess he just feels better!    He will fuss from time to time but overall, he's happy and good-natured.   

He started swim lessons a few weeks ago and I need to post videos of it on here because it's so cute.  He absolutely loves it!   Nathan has to get in the pool with him right now but by mid-summer, he should be on his own in the pool with the instructor.    Our original plan wasn't to start him until the beginning of the summer but we decided we might as well get him started now.   He loves the water and splashes around constantly.   He is getting better about kicking his legs and holding his breathe when he's put underwater.    When I was little, I LOVED swimming so I think he's going to take after me with that love. 

We took him to his 18 month appt at the doctor this week and he got his last vaccine until he turns 4....yea!!!!   Here are his stats:

Height:  34 inches (90th percentile)
Weight:  26.5 (80th percentile)
And I can't remember what his head cir was but he has a big head like his dad.   He wears 18-24 month clothes (mostly 24 months) and I almost always stretch the neckholes in t-shirts when I put them over his head.   

One of his new favorite words to say is "Yeah!" when he's asked if he wants to go do something or eat something.    He gets very excited.   I don't think his vocabulary has grown too much since my last post but as I said above, he really is talking more and more.   We have taken the pacifier away except for naps and bedtime so that has also helped with the talking.   We'll give it to him on long car rides like to MP but that's about it.   My plan is to take it away completely this summer but we'll see.  

On weekends, we've been allowing him to eat one treat a day...we took him to get a cup of sherbert two weeks ago and he loved it.   Last weekend, we went to Braum's to get a cup of soft serve yogurt...again, he loved it and tried to talk to everyone in the place (and said "bye bye" really loud while waving when we left).   He clearly loves sweets like his mom....both a curse and a blessing.

He is still obsessed with the Nick Jr show "Bubble Guppies" and continues to ask for it all of the time.   He also likes "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" on PBS Kids, "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" on Disney Jr and "Doc McStuffins" on Disney Junior.   He would watch videos of himself on Nathan's iPhone all day if we let him....we have to limit it because he gets really upset when you take it away.   Probably what he is most obsessed with overall is a "ball".   He LOVES balls.   He throws them, kicks them, rolls them, you name it.   Anything that is a circle in a picture is called a "ball".   It's so funny.    :)   

We're trying to soak this age in because so many people have told us how fun it is...and how fast it goes by.