Sunday, April 13, 2014

 Sleepy boy
 Cameron's "Young Toddler" class at daycare...isn't he so cute in the yellow?
 All dressed up for school.  Yes, he has a huge bump on his forehead from where he fell on the toy chest at school.
 Getting ready for swim lessons
 Ready for picture day at school
 Wearing his school Easter bonnet
At the Highland Village Easter Egg Hunt


I think this might be my favorite age so far.   Yes, he's always been cute and we've enjoyed him for sure but this is the age where he can talk more, play more, and just enjoy everything more.   He is a little chatterbox at home...he gets a little quieter around other people.   He is a ball of energy from about 15 minutes after he wakes up until naptime...and then it starts all over again until bedtime.   Since he's had the tubes put in a month ago, we really feel like he's been much happier....I guess he just feels better!    He will fuss from time to time but overall, he's happy and good-natured.   

He started swim lessons a few weeks ago and I need to post videos of it on here because it's so cute.  He absolutely loves it!   Nathan has to get in the pool with him right now but by mid-summer, he should be on his own in the pool with the instructor.    Our original plan wasn't to start him until the beginning of the summer but we decided we might as well get him started now.   He loves the water and splashes around constantly.   He is getting better about kicking his legs and holding his breathe when he's put underwater.    When I was little, I LOVED swimming so I think he's going to take after me with that love. 

We took him to his 18 month appt at the doctor this week and he got his last vaccine until he turns 4....yea!!!!   Here are his stats:

Height:  34 inches (90th percentile)
Weight:  26.5 (80th percentile)
And I can't remember what his head cir was but he has a big head like his dad.   He wears 18-24 month clothes (mostly 24 months) and I almost always stretch the neckholes in t-shirts when I put them over his head.   

One of his new favorite words to say is "Yeah!" when he's asked if he wants to go do something or eat something.    He gets very excited.   I don't think his vocabulary has grown too much since my last post but as I said above, he really is talking more and more.   We have taken the pacifier away except for naps and bedtime so that has also helped with the talking.   We'll give it to him on long car rides like to MP but that's about it.   My plan is to take it away completely this summer but we'll see.  

On weekends, we've been allowing him to eat one treat a day...we took him to get a cup of sherbert two weeks ago and he loved it.   Last weekend, we went to Braum's to get a cup of soft serve yogurt...again, he loved it and tried to talk to everyone in the place (and said "bye bye" really loud while waving when we left).   He clearly loves sweets like his mom....both a curse and a blessing.

He is still obsessed with the Nick Jr show "Bubble Guppies" and continues to ask for it all of the time.   He also likes "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" on PBS Kids, "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" on Disney Jr and "Doc McStuffins" on Disney Junior.   He would watch videos of himself on Nathan's iPhone all day if we let him....we have to limit it because he gets really upset when you take it away.   Probably what he is most obsessed with overall is a "ball".   He LOVES balls.   He throws them, kicks them, rolls them, you name it.   Anything that is a circle in a picture is called a "ball".   It's so funny.    :)   

We're trying to soak this age in because so many people have told us how fun it is...and how fast it goes by.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

 On Valentine's Day, Cameron was diagnosed with RSV and we had to do breathing treatments a couple of times a day for 5 days.   He handled it really well!
 Cooksey family photo shoot in December
 He loves this blue elephant and any kind of soft blanket
 Getting his second haircut and after learning our lesson from the first one, he was given a Dum Dum sucker to entertain him. 

 All handsome after his haircut
 Cameron and I went to the Sea Life Aquarium with Sarah, Sadie and Eve Zipser

 He has learned how to climb up in the chair on his own.
 He was very excited about eating all of his dinner....and we were excited also!

 Helping Daddy build Aunt Meg Meg's desk
 Isn't he just so cute?!

 Playing in Major and Duke's dog beds at Mimi and Grandad's house here

 Looking out the window with Percy--who we were dogsitting

 Fireman Cam
Grandad and Cameron on a walk of many we hope.  :)


Cameron is getting more and more fun and lively with each month.  He makes us smile with pure joy everyday and feel a love that only a parent can know.   He is in full walking and running mode and seems to be a ball of energy from the moment he wakes up until naptime...and then it happens again from when he wakes up from a nap until bedtime.   He has become much more attached to Nathan and me and is going through a small separation anxiety phase...he cries a little when we drop him off at daycare and each time we lay him in his bed.   It doesn't last long and we try to walk away after giving him lots of love so he can work his own way through it.  He has also become much more into his pacifier and so we are trying to get back down to only using it at naptime and bedtime.   We'll see how that goes.   

WORDS:  Mama, Dada, ball, light, all done, all gone, night night, food, wa wa (water), wow, yeah, yea, shoes, diaper, and bye bye.   He knows the sounds that a dog (ruff ruff), cat (meow), cow (moooo), horse (naaaa), sheep (baaaa), and a duck (quack quack) make.   He knows where his nose, ears, eye, mouth, teeth and tongue are.   He is getting more and more into singing songs and currently loves "Wheels on the Bus", "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed".   He will try to sing along with us to them.    He also love books...we have to read the same three every single night mostly in the same order each night:  Brown Bear, Brown Bear; The Going to Bed Book; and Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb

SIGNS:   all done, food, more, milk

TOYS:  wooden puzzle; balls; cars; the Fisher Price shape thing where he puts circles, triangles and squares in the top; books; stuffed animals (particularly his blue elephant); his toy kitchen.   I don't think this counts as a toy but he is obsessed with the show "Bubble Guppies" on Nick Jr and asks to watch it all of the time.   He also still likes "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" and  "Doc McStuffins" on Disney Junior and has recently added a new show to the mix called "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" on PBS Kids.

FOOD:   about the same as the 16 month post.   I have to buy the Happy Tot pouches to ensure he gets enough vegetables and I try to give him one after naptime on Saturday and Sunday.   

His schedule is the same...he wakes up around 7:15AM and we keep him in his crib until about 8AM.   He naps from 12:00 to 2:30PM but I would say he really only sleeps about an hour and a half of that time.   He goes to bed around 7:15-7:30ish.  

On March 6th, he had to get tubes in his ears because around Valentine's Day, he was diagnosed with both a double ear infection and RSV.   That was his 6th ear infection and they recommended tubes to reduce the number of infections.   We're really hoping he doesn't get anymore but even if he does, he should only need antibiotic ear drops.  He did really well with the procedure.   We had to be there at 6AM, the procedure was at 7AM, it was over about 7:10 and we were walking in the door to our house at 8:15AM.   He was pretty fussy for the first half of the day mostly due to being he took two naps that day.    After he woke up from the second nap, he was back to himself.   

He continues to be an overall happy and cheerful little boy and is just so sweet.   He gives us hugs and kisses each day and laughs all the time.   We continue to adore him.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

 Sitting in the recliner in our room
Playing with some of the mini books that Nathan's coworkers gave him

 Playing with the kitchen that Mimi and Granddad gave him for Christmas
 He loves to help me clean
 Hanging out with Nan at my parents' house
 One of my favorite pictures of him that my sister took on Christmas night...Nathan and I went to the movies while my parents and sister kept Cameron and he was so excited.  :)
 Just hanging out at home

 Play date with Addison Lewis
 Aren't they so cute in their diapers?!   We'll have to show this to them someday when they are in high school and still friends.

Cameron loves playing with his Dunbar cousins!


I cannot believe that Cameron is 16 months old!   I swear we were just celebrating his one year birthday!   He gets more and more fun as each month passes by but he also shows us signs of growing up.  He still has cute little baby tendencies but he also has started becoming a toddler....and yes, that includes throwing little fits when he doesn't get his way or we don't understand what he's trying to tell us.    Overall, he is a very happy, mild-mannered guy and really only gets really upset when he's tired or hungry.  He likes attention from people he family and friends....but he can be a little shy when meeting someone new in the beginning.  He is so observant and it is always so amazing and funny to see him mirroring us.    One of the funniest things he is doing right now is calling Nathan  "Nathan" instead "dada"....I guess because he hears me say Nathan all of the time.     He says it more like "na-na" and we couldn't figure out what he was saying until he started pointing at Nathan.    :)

FOOD:   He is starting to get pickier, at least with vegetables.   Sometimes he'll eat veggies and sometimes he won't.   You really never know.   He used to love peas but lately, he won't touch them--at least at home.    Daycare says he eats everything they feed him but I think it's because he sees the other kids eating.   His favorites continue to be fruit, pasta, fish sticks, and chicken nuggets.   His favorite snack is probably Pirate Booty.   We don't give him sugar very often at all but when he has had a Nilla wafer or animal cracker, he has LOVED it.    So I have a feeling he will have a sweet tooth like his mom and his Poppy....unfortunately for him.

SCHEDULE:   He usually wakes up about 7ish in the morning but we let him play/lay around in his crib until 7:45 or 8.   He may whine a little here and there but overall, he seems to like it.   We're still following the daycare nap schedule from 12 to 2:30...he usually only sleeps until 1:30 but we leave him in his crib until 2:30.   He's never been a very good napper so we're happy with 1.5 hours.   He takes a bath around 7PM and goes to bed after that....I'd say he's normally asleep by 7:30.   

WORDS:   Mama, dada, banana (or "nana"), ball, Be be (for Bella), apple (we have fake apples on our table that he loves), car, baby (he'll point to himself), shoes, a version of brown bear (he loves the Brown Bear, Brown Bear book), bye bye, night night, all done, and all gone

FUNNY STUFF AND LOVES:   He loves books...he may not always patiently wait for each page but he loves to sit in your lap and let you read while he turns the page.   He has an ABC book that has a lot of pictures and he can point to most items when asked.   His favorite books are Hand, Hand, Fingers Thumb and The Going to Bed Book along with Brown Bear, Brown Bear.   He saw me blow drying my hair recently and ever since, he will get the blow dryer out of my drawer and try to imitate me.   He likes to go get a diaper, bring it to you, and then lay down to pretend as if he's going to change his diaper (which is funny since he doesn't like diaper changes).   He likes to stack up the cardboard blocks we just got and then knock them all down...guess it's the boy in him.   Probably one of his favorite things to do is dance...he will do a little dance anytime he hears music.   It's so cute.   And one of our favorite things that he's doing is sitting in our lap to cuddle while watching "Doc McStuffins", "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" or "Bubble Guppies".    :)

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

 Nathan's uncle Jim and aunt Gloriann came into town for the West Virginia-TCU game
 We hosted 16 members of Nathan's side of the family for Thanksgiving this year

 Nathan and Celeste getting some drinks at the bar
 Brynn entertaining Cameron

 Cameron got a bubble machine from his uncle, aunt and cousins for Christmas and he loves it!   We'll have to use it outside since it makes the floor a little slippery once the bubbles pop.  :)
 Benjamin and Brynn playing with Cameron

 The whole Cooksey-Dunbar family for our gift exchange

 Vivi helping Cameron open one of his presents on Christmas Eve

 Playing at the Castle park in our neighborhood
 He loves his Mimi
 Brynn and Mimi helping Cameron eat on Thanksgiving
 Cameron's first haircut

 We so enjoyed having Mimi and Grandad in town over the holidays!
 Getting a trumpet lesson from Daddy

 Showing him the Christmas tree
 Checking out the outside Christmas decorations
 We were iced in for almost 4 days the first weekend in December

 Playing with Grandad
 He basically just sat there with Santa and didn't move
 Sitting in the little rocking chair that used to be aunt Megan's

Riding on the Little Tikes train that was mine was I was three years old


Okay, I am definitely way past due on an update!   I had a lot of pictures to upload and with the holidays, time just got away from me.   We've had Thanksgiving and Christmas which were both great!   This year was Thanksgiving with Nathan's family and Christmas with mine so it was a little different.   We hosted 16 of Nathan's family members at our house and it was our first time to use the china my Mema gave me and the crystal we got for our wedding.    It was fun to be able to have everyone but man, it is a lot of work!   It all went very well and I'd say it was an overall success.   Nathan and I were exhausted and felt like we could have slept for a whole day after it was over since we had been going nonstop for the three days leading up to the holiday.   Nathan's parents were in town from Thanksgiving all the way until a couple of days after Christmas.   We always love having them in town for that long and only wish they lived here.   Cameron loves them both and just lights up when they are's pretty cute.   They hadn't seen him since the beginning of August so he had done a lot of changing since they had seen him!   We tried to take advantage of them being here by spending as much time with them as we could.   We had our Christmas gift exchange with Celeste and her family a couple of days before Christmas so everyone came to our house for dinner.   Cameron adores his cousins...he just follows them around and will sometimes just stare at them.   It is so cute and fun.   :)   We went to MP on Christmas Eve to have Christmas with my family.   My mom cooked the traditional meal which is basically the same stuff we have on Thanksgiving and Cameron had a blast playing with all of the toys and chasing after all of the animals.   We came home the day after Christmas so we could enjoy the last couple of days we had with the Cookseys still being in town.    We always say the holidays go by far too's kind of depressing when it's all over!

As for how Cameron is doing at the age of almost 15 months, here you go:

Food:   he's becoming harder to feed because he is either getting picky or just only wants to eat what he really likes.  It can be very frustrating!   His favorites are still macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, fruit, and mashed potatoes.   We introduced both fish sticks and peanut butter this past month and he loves them both too.   He also loves snack foods like Pirate's Booty, goldfish, graham crackers and Chex Mix.   If I had to pick his favorite fruit, it would probably be bananas or blueberries.   He constantly points to the bananas and says "nana".

Words:   his vocabulary has really started to pick up around 14 months.   He says "ball" all of the time and points to one each time he sees it even if it is right when he wakes up.   He says "mama" and "dada" but doesn't usually say them directly to us.    He calls Bella "Bebe" and it is so cute and then he makes the "meow" noise for Molly.   He nods his head up and down and says "good job" and also points and says "good girl" to Molly and Bella.   He will sometimes say "thank you".     He will use sign language for "all done" and "more" which are mostly used for food.

Sleep:   goes to bed around 7:30PM and wakes up between 7:30 and 8AM.   He still isn't the best napper but we usually keep him in his room from 12 to 2:30PM to go along with the daycare schedule.   He's pretty good at playing in his crib even if he doesn't want to sleep.

Loves:   dancing...anytime he hears music he will clap and do a rocking motion for dancing.    Playing with a ball, pointing at lights, drinking out of a straw, and eating.    He also loves being around other kids, especially his cousins

He is almost finished getting his four molars in and we cannot wait until they are complete!  They seem to cause him a lot of pain when they are actually breaking through so he will go through periods of low fever, not eating a lot, and crying a few times at night.   We have to give him ibuprofen at night most of the time when we can tell they are bothering him.   It has taken about 6 weeks for them to get to this point and he should have them in completely in another week or so.   I think there's only one left that has to break all the way through the skin!    

Cameron continues to be a happy-natured, social little boy and we love him so much.     He seems to be thriving at daycare which makes it easier for us to drop him off and then he gets a big smile on his face when we pick him up.   He is just so much fun!