Saturday, November 17, 2012

 First playdate was with Eve Zipser at 6 weeks old

 Just had a bath...he loves the water but hates getting out and putting on pj's.

 Watching the Longhorn game with Mom and Dad

 Getting in some tummy time

 Nathan thought that I made him look like an "old man" by tucking in his shirt with his pants up above his waist.   Hey, it prevented his shirt from going up all the time!

Happy boy after a bottle.   Full belly plus no tummy issues = a happy Cameron


We have made it to the 6 week mark...the first half was kind of slow but the last 3 weeks have gone by very fast!    He is eating in between 4 and 5 ounces of formula at a time (he eats 5 ozs in the morning, one afternoon feeding and the last feeding before bedtime...the rest of the time he eats 4 ozs).   He is able to go 3 to 3.5 hours between feedings now which is nice.   At night, he isn't night, he will be great and not be fussy and then the next night, he will wake up every 2 hours and cry for an hour.   We are hoping he will start being a little less fussy during the night soon and from what we have been told, it shouldn't be long before he can go at least one long stretch at night.  I can't even tell you how glorious it will be to get 4-5 hours of consecutive, uninterrupted sleep!

When Cameron takes good naps during the day, it makes a huge difference in his mood.   I have learned some of his mannerisms when he starts getting really tired and I try my best to make sure he goes to sleep soon after.   When he gets overtired, it's a bad deal...lots of fighting sleep and lots of crying.   He absolutely prefers to be held when going to sleep and we are hoping that this will not be hard to break him of later on.    All the books we have read say to start trying to put him down when he's "drowsy but still awake".   We are able to do that sometimes but not everyday...sometimes, I choose him actually going to sleep than me battling him for an hour.   I figure he's only 6 weeks old so I need to give myself a break, right?

The best thing that has happened is that he is starting to smile a lot more and we know it's not just gas or something.  :)   He also seems to be happier in general which I know has a lot to do with his stomach issues starting to be a little better.   We still have to give him an ounce of water in the morning so that he can go to the bathroom....really hoping that his digestive system figures that out soon because it is a struggle for him.    We have our two month appointment soon so I'll have to ask the doctor when we can stop giving him the water.   

Everyone tells us the first 6 weeks are the hardest....I concur!  

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