Tuesday, January 08, 2013

 Monthly picture next to Bevo
 Laying on his musical playmat...he loves it!

Laying in his crib getting ready for a bath after his first day at daycare


On January 4th, Cameron turned 3 months old and I officially started back to work....at least my first day back was at home so he didn't have to go anywhere that day.    He has really grown so much over the last month...it's kind of crazy to me how much he has changed.   He rolls over from his back to his tummy, which is really early as we are told most babies don't do that until around 4 months hold.   He rolls from his tummy to his back but he much prefers rolling the other way.   He loves his hands and thinks they taste great.   He smiles a lot and is generally pretty happy when he is awake.    He isn't the best napper but we are working on it---he does the best during his morning nap but the rest of the day is hit or miss.    He started daycare on January 7th and it was pretty sad for me.   He did great other than only taking 2 30 minute naps....as a result of that, he slept for an hour when he got home.   I was happy to get back into a routine and was even able to squeeze in a short workout before going to pick him up.....but it made me realize how much less time I get with him now that I am back at work.   By the time I pick him up, we eat dinner (he has a bottle), we play a little and then give him a bath, it's time for bed so I really only get about 3 hours of time in a day.   :(   Very different from being with him all day long.   Thank goodness we have weekends!   I am also very fortunate to have a job that has very flexible hours so I can usually pick him up by 4:30....those parents that have to pick up their kids at 6:30 and then put them to bed at 7:30 have to feel so sad.   Cameron goes to bed at 8:30 now but in a few months, I know that will be earlier....I guess the good part about that is he won't need to nap around 5PM like he does now.   Plus, it will give Nathan and me a little more time together in the evenings...we do miss just hanging out.   

Cameron has changed our lives for the better in so many ways.   I look at him in amazement and don't know how anyone could not just praise God for the blessing of children.   They are pretty cool.   :)

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