Sunday, February 03, 2013


 Playing in his Longhorn football outfit
 Just woke up from a morning nap...he was being very sweet

 Worn out from a family walk in our neighborhood

 Playing with Anna and Will Henderson at their new house in Southlake

 Practicing rolling over
 The monthly pic next to Bevo


I have to say that the time does go by fast when you are busy with work and taking care of a baby!   I feel like I just posted his 3 month pics and here I am posting his 4 month update.   He will go to the doctor this week to get his second round of vaccines and I will post his height and weight then...along with his percentile for both.

New things this month:   started to giggle every once in a while and it's mainly when we are tickling him (can't wait until he giggles more and at random things); rolling over more and more but still gets mad when he is on his tummy for too long---hoping he starts liking it better because I think he would like being a stomach sleeper at some point; grabbing things and putting whatever it is in his mouth

We think he might be getting ready to teethe--he is constantly drooling.   He still hates naps....on average, he sleeps about 40 minutes before he wakes up.   He will sleep just fine if you hold him and sometimes, we just have to do it since we know he is super fussy if he doesn't nap enough.   At night, he is doing better as long as he isn't too congested....if he is congested, all hell breaks loose.   When he feels good, he sleeps most if not all night from about 8-8:15PM to 6:30 or 7AM.   He got a really bad cold about 3 weeks ago and that whole week, he didn't eat much or sleep much...and all of us in this house got sick including my mom who had to come take care of him for a few days since he couldn't go to daycare.   Since then, he has pretty much had congestion....some days are just worse than others.    So ready for it to go away!   

This month, he will start eating some solid foods and we are excited about that!    We also look forward to more developmental milestones....and of course, more smiles and giggles.  :)

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