Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I thought I would update the 4 months post with Cameron's stats at his doctor visit:

weight:  16 lbs 11 oz (75th percentile)
height:  26 inches (85th percentile)

So far, he is a big boy and the doctor said she likes to have both the percentiles close together so as long as he has high numbers on both ends, she is happy.   I hope it stays that way!   Maybe he will be taller than Nathan and I are....my dad and brother are both pretty tall so that would be nice for Cameron too.

The doctor gave us the green light to add solid foods to his diet.   We are starting with oatmeal cereal and rice cereal once a day (around dinnertime) for the first 3 weeks; the main goal is to get him used to the spoon.   If he tolerates that okay, we can start introducing a vegetable....the doctor told us to stick with the same vegetable for 3 days so we can make sure he isn't allergic.   After a couple of weeks with vegetables, we can introduce a fruit and around 5.5 months, we can add a second feeding of solid foods.   Exciting!

Here is a picture of Cameron's first feeding of oatmeal cereal...he wasn't too sure about it and sticks his tongue out a lot with it.  I think once he gets the hang of the spoon, he will be a good eater.

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