Monday, March 18, 2013

 The little guy was worn out from all of the weekend activities; he fell asleep with the pacifier in his hand
 Getting baptized by Pastor John McKellar at White's Chapel
 Nathan, Cameron and me with John
Ben and Janet aka "Grandad and Mimi" playing with Cameron


The Cookseys came into town for about a month at the end of February and so Nathan and I wanted to have Cameron baptized while they were here.   It was very important to us to have Cameron baptized at the same church where we got married and where Nathan grew up.   Fortunately, Nathan's church has had the same pastor for 20 years, which is very unusual for Methodist (growing up Methodist myself, I can say that I think the longest we had the same pastor was about 5 years).   John is very special to the Cookseys as he and his wife are very good friends with Ben and Janet.  It meant a lot to both Nathan and me to have the man who helped Nathan grow closer to God be the man who would introduce our son to his walk with God.   

My parents and grandmother came into town on Saturday afternoon and we all went over to the Cooksey's house for wine.   Saturday night, we ordered pizza and just hung out while Cameron was asleep.    He had thrown up a few times during the day and as a result, I was completely stressed out about how he would do at church the next morning.   Thank goodness God got him through it....he could not have been any better!    Cameron never cried...he was very happy and smiley throughout the whole ceremony!   Nathan and I both got a little teary just being up there and listening to what it meant to be baptized.   It was pretty cool to have our whole family there to witness it.   After church, we all went to the Gaylord for a delicious (but ridiculously expensive) brunch....a big thank you to my dad and Ben for paying the bill!   :)   My parents went back to MP and the rest of us headed back to our own homes....and Cameron threw up again in the afternoon which made me even more thankful that God gave him a break to get baptized.   haha. 

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