Thursday, May 09, 2013

 On the way to South Carolina
 Just landed
 Eating lunch out with Granddad and Mimi
 Walking around Palmetto you can see, Cameron became very sleepy in the stroller

 Some ruins from an old plantation
 Chatting with Mimi on the drive back to their house
 Enjoying the exersaucer that Mimi and Granddad bought for his visit
 He was obsessed with Nathan's dad (Granddad)...he seriously smiled more for him than anyone else

 One morning, Nathan and I went for a bike ride around their neighborhood while Cameron napped
 Still smiling despite an ear infection and fever
 Little cutie in his outfit for family pictures

 Playing with Granddad on the mat they bought for him....Duke had to check him out too

 Already falling asleep on the way to the airport
Landed back at DFW


Our trip to visit Nathan's parents in Hilton Head, SC was a little different this year than in years past....we had a 7 month old baby boy in tow this time!    Nathan and I were pretty much dreading the plane ride there and back but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.   Cameron really only cried for a few minutes on the landing each time.   For the most part, he slept the whole time in the Ergo baby carrier that I brought with us to attach to us specifically for him to nap in on the plane.   We made sure he either had a bottle or a pacifier in his mouth on take-off and landing which definitely helped (the bottle seemed to work a little better).   Thankfully, the Cookseys have a lot of neighbors with grandkids so they were able to have a pack-and-play, a carseat, and lots of toys for us at their house.   If we had to bring any of that stuff with us, I am not sure we could have made the need a lot of stuff to go on a trip with a baby!    Honestly, I don't think it's worth traveling very often with a kid under the age of 3 because you just have to take too much stuff with you....the only thing that makes it worth it is if you are going to visit family so you don't have to take all of the stuff on your own.    

The night before we left, we took Cameron to the doctor and he was diagnosed with pink eye in both eyes.   :(  He had to be on antibiotic eye drops for 7 days and really after about 1 day worth of drops, his eyes were almost back to normal.    About 2 days after we got there, he started running a fever.   He woke up from his morning nap with a temp of about 102....he was breathing rapidly, wouldn't hold his head up and would not really make much eye contact with us.   Nathan and I got scared and I called to make an appointment with a pediatrician's office.   They couldn't see us for a couple of hours and Nathan thought we should take him to the ER to make sure he was okay.   By the time we got to the ER and waited in a line, it was almost time for the pediatrician's appointment....and since Cameron seemed to be getting a little better after the Motrin we gave him, we decided to take him to the doctor instead of waiting on the ER staff anymore.    The poor little guy was diagnosed with yet another ear infection (he had double ear infections just 3 weeks before and finished 10 days of amoxicillin about 2 weeks before).   The doctor said the fact that he had some congestion and then got on a plane is most likely what caused it.   We were given the second line of antibiotics (augmentin) and went home.   He started feeling a lot better around dinnertime and even gave us a few smiles.   Around midnight the next night, Cameron woke up crying with 103.7 degree fever.    I had been told that around 104, you are supposed to go to the ER so I called the emergency nurse line at our home pediatrician to make sure.   They told us they usually wait until 105 (that's crazy high to me!) but that if his fever didn't go down in a couple of hours, we should take him in.   Fortunately, the Motrin started working and he went back to sleep.     We weren't sure if we were going to be able to make the plane ride home but since he woke up with only 101 degree fever the morning of our flight, we decided we were safe to fly....and we wanted to get the little guy home.   You can always tell when he doesn't feel well because he doesn't give many smiles, becomes very clingy and wants to be held a lot, and isn't all that hungry.      

Despite being sick the whole time, Cameron did amazingly well on the trip.   He still gave plenty of smiles and giggles to Mimi and Granddad and he loved being around them.    He's a very social baby and seems to thrive on being around people and being active.    Next year, the trip should be a little easier in some ways since he will be 1.5 yrs old....but it will also be a tad bit more challenging in that he will most likely not want to sleep in my lap the whole flight.     :)     Even though we didn't do much on our visit, it was still so nice to be at the Cooksey's home.   We cooked dinner at the house each night, watched tv or a movie in the media room each night after Cameron went to bed, and enjoyed the pretty scenery around their neighborhood.    We always love going there to visit!    I really can't thank them enough for getting all of the stuff we needed for Cameron which helped make our trip that much easier on us.    I'm lucky to have such amazing in-laws!  

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