Thursday, July 11, 2013

 He woke up from his afternoon nap and apparently was still sleepy.  :)
 He loves to feed himself
 Wearing big boy shoes for the first time on our way to his friend Addison's first birthday party
 Laughing at Daddy

 I was trying to get him undressed for his bath but he was too busy to be bothered
Sitting with Aunt Celeste at our nephew Benjamin's baseball game


On July 4th, Cameron turned 9 months old...I swear I feel like I just wrote his 8 month post!   Time is definitely flying by...just as so many people told me it would.    Cameron is still a healthy and happy baby boy and makes us laugh on a daily basis.   He's very social and seems to thrive around other people especially kids and babies.   He babbles a lot and his favorite syllable is still "ba".   He'll say "mama" and "dada" but doesn't grasp what they mean yet.   I think he is starting to understand what it means when we say "no" because he'll look at us, smile and then slowly start to walk away from whatever it was that we told him not to touch.   It's pretty funny.   

Weight:  21 lbs and 14 oz (85th percentile)
Height:  29 inches (75th percentile)
Head Cir:  46 inches (80th percentile)

He is still drinking 4 bottles a day...about 6 oz each one.    The doctor told us he still needs 20-24 ounces of formula for now and as we are getting closer to his first birthday, we can start to introduce whole milk.     He is eating 3 solid meals a day and seems to prefer table food.   The week of his 9 month bday, we started letting him eat the school breakfast and lunch and we feed him one jar of baby food for dinner along with some puffs, a baby MumMum rice cake, or some fruit slices.    We still give him at least one jar of baby food a day just to ensure his tummy digests everything okay but I have a feeling that by next month, he'll be done with the baby food.  He really likes being independent and feeding himself.   Fruit and sweet potatoes still seem to be his favorite meals but the baby MumMum rice cake and puffs rank high on the list.   He doesn't seem to be a huge fan of meat yet but I think it's a texture thing rather than taste.    

We have a great bedtime routine and the few times when he has gone to bed later due to company being here, he still wakes up at the same time each morning and doesn't sleep as well at night.    We do a bath at 7PM, then bottle and then he is sound asleep by 7:30.   He usually wakes up around 7 or 7:15 and plays in his bed until we get him around 7:30AM.   When he's home, he takes two naps a day for about an hour and a half each:  one at 10AM and one at 3PM.   At daycare, he seems to think he only needs to sleep about 30 minutes because he is stubborn.   

He loves daycare and smiles as soon as we walk in the door.    As I've said before, he just loves being around other babies...which is great!  

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